Friday, November 26, 2010

Windows working sort off

Friday 26th November

The rains keep promising but don't quite arrive – at least not here. The farmer with fields next to Kaliyangile took a chance and planted a few days ago. He could be in trouble!

Last night I found that I could get into most of the Windows applications – including Firefox and the MTN Modem – hence the blog posting last night. I also can access my photo manipulation program 'Gimp' which is excellent at reducing the size of photos – essential here if you want to put them on the net. However, the system is still not really usable with Windows for a computer novice.

I tidied the accounts system for Kaliyangile and did a bit of analysis which, of course, showed that more funds need to be found to make ends meet.

I can't cope with three cooked meals here, so at lunchtime I have taken to eating an egg with some bananas and of course a mango or two. I added a few roasted and salted peanuts to today's lunch.

Life here is less frantic than in Monze – which is probably just as well. I have had a few calls asking when I will be back, because there are things for me to do!

At supper one of the guys said he lives about 60 km away. A place where most people have never seen a 'white man'. He said they would be delighted if I visited. One day I must take up such an offer and go deep into the bush. I am sure that it would be a wonderful experience. Although I have been off the beaten track a little, I haven't been to any of the really remote areas.

Well I will surprise you by finishing here! A short blog at last!


P.S. I will try to add a picture of a proper mango!

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Anonymous said...

Hi chris,

Finally got time to catch up with your writings!! Captivating as ever.

Gabby's desperate for a fund raising project, and it would be great if you could meet up when you get back.

Take care and don't eat the ants! Lots of love, Jules, Dilly, Gabs, Anthony.