Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zambia update

March 2012

It is now 6 months since I returned from Zambia but that doesn't mean I haven't been in touch since! For instance today I spoke to Diven – his shop is improving and life seems to be OK at the moment. I also spoke to Luke who has recently received my old laptop – delivered by Deana a health visitor who is spending 3 months in Monze as a Hands Around the World volunteer. I spoke to Deana yesterday. She was in Livingstone having a couple of days break. She is a retired Health Visitor and is spending a lot of time visiting people in the community with local care givers. She is certainly seeing Monze in the raw which can be distressing but is also a rare and privileged experience for someone from our part of the world.

Much has happened since I left. In October a storm removed the roof of PIZZ school. Hands Around the World sent out money to effect a speedy repair and our generous donors soon covered these costs. The results at PIZZ school were good with several students passing grade 9 examinations despite all the difficulties. This presents a further problem for funding Secondary School places. Jennipher's children Mike and Sandra also did well and are proceeding to further studies. Sandra is now training to become a nurse and Mike is studying in Lusaka for an engineering qualification.

Kaliyangile is struggling because of limited funding. An application for a substantial grant to put the project onto a solid footing failed. The project is now being promoted on Global Giving and we hope some funds will soon come through this site.

The link between St. Gregory and St. Thomas More's churches in Cheltenham and Our Lady of the Wayside Monze is getting stronger. During Lent the children from each community are praying for each other and learning a bit more about each other.

Inspired by Zambia's success in the Africa Cup of Nations Canon Bosco obtained a football which along with the children he signed. This ball has started on it's journey to Monze. The next blog will tell you a bit about it's journey.

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