Monday, May 7, 2012

Hiccups and plans revised

The Journey of the Football Continued

So often I find that when I have a plan and think I know exactly where I am heading, something happens and my plans come to nought. However more often than not I find the Lord's hand working and my new journey takes me on a better road.

Well the football's journey hit a snag! It successfully made it's journey to Jersey where it was passed to Phil. However, due to current circumstances he is no longer able to make the journey to Zambia and as a result the ball has been sent back to England and is now with Jim in the Forest of Dean. Let's hope that the delay will not be in vain but that it's new route will prove fruitful.

Jim recently became involved with Hands Around the World as a Trustee. Last year he joined David Steiner on a visit to Zambia where he visited a number of projects. He is particularly interested in the huge sanitation problems at a hospital in Zambia and has organised a study which we hope will eventually result in a major project to provide a proper sewerage system for the hospital, and might provide a blueprint for similar installations in the Country.

Whilst in Zambia last year I introduced him to Jennipher which resulted in the provision of a bicycle ambulance. Jim will set off once more for Zambia at the end of May taking the football with him and passing it onto Jennipher who he intends to meet once more.

I think however I should say a little about the previous plan. The ball was to be taken by Phil to Lusaka after spending a week or so in Kenya. In Lusaka it would have been passed to Fr. Tim who was key in getting the project at Chisamba (Kaliyangile) started and which Hands Around the World now supports – you can find out more at Fr. Tim would have passed it to my friend Justina. Justina lives within Regiment parish where Fr. Tim is the parish priest. She worked for a time as the Administration Manager at Monze Mission Hospital where I came to know her. After she retired she wanted to do something to combat the growing number of abortions being carried out in Zambia and is well on the way to setting up an organisation LIFE Zambia which will be affiliated to LIFE UK .LIFE UK is an organisation dedicated to supporting women facing the dilemma of whether to have an abortion and their children. These days much of the work they do in the UK is in counselling of women who have had abortions and are finding it difficult to come to terms with the decision they made.

Justina still has regular contact with Monze – where in fact her new organisation will be based – and would have taken the football there to follow the course it will now take from Jennipher. I hope to get some more photos in due course!


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