Sunday, May 8, 2016


8th May 2016

 Best with his car

Doesn't time fly!

48 hours and I will be in the air heading once again for Africa.

Today Jennipher sent a text wishing Dilys a happy Mother's Day.

Best rang yesterday because he needs to pay for his final Semester which should result in a licence to practice as a solicitor. (Best was a secondary school student when I first met him – at least ten years ago. Our church – St. Gregory's, Cheltenham – has for many years been collecting money in old film cans and sending the proceeds to pay the secondary school fees of children in the parish. Best was one of the beneficiaries of this money. I met Best at the church and he kept in touch. On finishing his secondary education he wanted to follow a career in law. A few of our parishioners paid for him to start studying for a Certificate in Law in Namibia where it was a bit cheaper. He returned to Zambia and was determined to pursue a degree course – reduced in length thanks to his certificate. He started, having saved money from work he had done, supplemented by some donor funds! After a while he asked if we could help him buy a car, 

Best in gown inside his house

which he would use as a taxi to fund the rest of his studies. Best is a very determined individual and will not be put off!! He also works hard to cover as much of his costs as possible. Needless to say he got his car! This helped him to complete his degree course – though of course the full story is much more complicated!!

For the past couple of years Best has been providing some legal services – through his own small company which he established. However for a variety of reasons he has had difficulty in making it a highly profitable business. He has built a small house and supports his aunt and cousins as well as he can, but believes that he needs to take further exams and gain his licence, in order to make a good living. This final step he embarked on at the beginning of this year.

It has been a privilege getting to know Best over the years. He brought Dilys and Amy to meet his family in 2011 and they put on a feast for us. Last year he showed me his family land where he is building. In July (unfortunately just after I leave – unless a volcanic eruption or the like delays me) Best is getting married. I will no doubt meet his future wife on this visit.

                                                               The house Best built

Apologies for this brief report, but its late and I have plenty to do before setting off on Tuesday. The blogs should start coming thick and fast – internet access permitting!!

With love and prayers,


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