Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Global Giving in Lusaka and the UK

Monday 13th June

Jennipher asked me to repeat an exercise of a few years back when I asked Ireen to make a shirt for me and a dress for her from the same material. So I had a break from the computer, picked up some Chitenge material and delivered it to Ireen. It looks like I will have three new shirts this year!!

The blue sky returned today – yesterday was definitely the exception.

Tuesday 14th June

I continue to meet friends. A guy called from a car. I knew he was someone I knew well from the hospital. Mr Monze was a security guard and over many years has tried (in vain) to add to my Chitonga vocabulary. He told me he now works for the police and had someone in the car they had just arrested.

Raymond had arranged to see me at 9 hrs. I was up early for mass, but waited till 8 am to call around at the Internet cafe. I have another problem with a payment not arriving at the bank in Monze and had to get documents printed. Unfortunately the cafe was shut and I was advised that it hadn't opened in a couple of days. I went to my friend Hope, but her computer wouldn't open for 15 mins then couldn't print my document, having picked up a virus or two from Hope (well her computer!) I went to another office where she directed me, which could open my document but the printer didn't recognise the new toner cartridge! It was now 9.30 by which time Raymond realised we needed to reschedule. Sometimes we forget in the UK just how difficult printing a couple of pages can be in Zambia!

I rushed to PIZZ school where I met Mawini – the university student. We had a good talk and established that she was 7 years old when I first visited Monze. She showed me some of her course work which I found surprisingly interesting – not many would say that about my pure maths!

On the way to the school I was rung by Fr. Clement and arranged a meeting with his treasurer at the bank for 11.15. I was pleased that we didn't have to queue at the bank, though it was after 12 by the time we met.

I saw that Rancher's butchers was open so I decided to pick up some more steak. I felt I should compensate Raymond for a wasted visit this morning, so decided to make a beef stir fry. I also topped up with some vegetables, garlic and ginger. In practice it turned out well - with plenty of flavour from a generous amount of ginger and a bit of bite from the chilli.

I needed an early night because I was off to Lusaka in the morning.

Wednesday 15th June

I set my alarm for 5am. There seems to be no way of scheduling a bus to Lusaka in advance. The big buses might not start till 9 hrs anyway, so be be pretty sure of getting to my workshop by 13 hrs I needed to set off early.

I hoped to be able to get along the High Street without being accosted by someone on an empty bus. No such luck!! Two guys jumped from a Rosa and grabbed me – I protested and said I would get on when they had a few customers. The bus was facing the wrong direction so they turned it around for me! Apparently they were the guys who took me when I went to Chisamba. They almost lifted me into the bus and in the end I gave way. They insisted they were about to leave – not that I believed a word. I must admit I found the whole episode rather amusing and decided even if they left at 7 hrs - like last time - I would be in Lusaka in good time. In the event they set off with a very empty bus at just after 6 hrs. The bus didn't fill completely along the way, but we arrived at Downtown Lusaka at about 9.30 am. Having plenty of time I went to the local bus station and, as usual, helpful people pointed me to the right bus for Kabulonga and a fellow passenger told me when I had arrived. It was 10.05 am!!

I quickly found the conference centre and set about killing 3 hours. I found the shopping centre and a cafe to have a drink and a read and then explored the area. This isn't too far from Longacres where I am spending the night. The area is quite smart and is linked to Longacres by Lusaka Golf Course.

There were 6 or 7 of us on the workshop. It was run by Global Giving and was quite interesting for me – though the other local participants are not as well established with the organisation. It also struck me that what makes sense to someone from a Western background, might not translate as well in Zambia. The target donors for the Global Giving website are not Zambians! They are you and me. Which of course gives me the opportunity for another plug!!

Already we have raised £400 for PIZZ School. Thank you very much if you have contributed – it would be good to push that up to £1,000 this evening. PIZZ really is a wonderful project and you couldn't use your money in a better way.

Global Giving will give us a 40% bonus on all donations of up to £1,000 NOW and until 5 am on Tomorrow morning 16th June. (subject to a total bonus pot of £10,000) UK taxpayers can also give 25% extra through Gift Aid

Please follow this link DONATE NOW

Apologies for the Lack of photos but I have most of my technology in Monze, while I am in Lusaka. I'll make up for it next time.


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