Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Arrival of the New Bishop

Wednesday 30th April

There was great excitement in Monze today with the arrival of the new bishop elect.

Yesterday I had arranged a couple of appointments. Precious and Charles were coming to see me to tell me a bit more about their groups. Charles works for the Danish Institute of Human Rights as the National adviser for Zambia. Precious is in charge of a small organisation that focuses on women's rights and together they are fighting to change some of the attitudes that have been present here in Zambia. If necessary they fight the cases in court.

In the afternoon I visited Buntolo where they provide support to orphaned children and try to support the guardians by selling goods they have made – bags, aprons, necklaces and baskets. I will add a photo or two – I usually bring a few goods home with me and am always interested if anyone is keen to buy them! They have a lot of problems finding a market.

On the way home from Buntolo I popped into the hospital and re-introduced myself to the doctor who has taken on the position as Director. He seems keen for me to revive the stores stock control system! I would need to be convinced that it would be properly maintained before I invested much more time on the project. However, I agreed to discuss it with Teddy and am happy to demonstrate the system – it just happens that I have a copy of the system with me!!

There is always plenty to do on the computer – checking through records and writing reports – but I am also going through a few books! I think it is a blessing that the telivision picture is so poor!

My landlady came around this morning while I was busy on the computer. She recognised me as having been around over the years, but hadn't put two and two together to realise who her tenant was. We chatted for a while and she said that she would bring a few extra chairs, more crockery and cutlery. She added that I should to let her know if there was anything I needed. As the day progressed the cleaner arrived with a succession of goodies.

I popped out to get some bread and managed also to pick up a large box of Boko cornflakes and more teabags – the two most essential items on my shopping list. Unfortunately I also need vast quantities of milk to go with them and all these items cost rather more than in the UK.Still the fruit and vegetables compensate. Last night I put together a guacomole dip using a lovely fresh and large avocardo bought a few yards from my house for equivalent of 25p.

At 15 hrs the new bishop (elect) was due in Monze. He was met at the stadium – at the far end of the high street – by a crowd, who escorted his car with dancing and drumming. Mounted police (the first I have seen in Monze) made sure the crowds around the cathedral kept in the right place. Eventually the procession reached the church and Fr. Moses entered with a large number of the local priests. He has spent the past few years in Rome, but he was brought up in Kafue – between Monze and Lusaka.

I thought that it was unlikely that a new bishop would receive a huge welcome as he came to a town in the UK. Fr. Moses will be consecrated as Bishop of Monze at a celebration on Saturday.

The church was full and I stayed just outside to listen to the addresses and prayers. For Zambia the ceremony was very short and before 16 hrs it was over and people were moving off after exchanging greetings. There were quite a number of people I knew including some from Our Lady of the Wayside and many of the local priests.


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