Saturday, April 26, 2014


Saturday 26th April

I now have a couple of meals under my belt and feel at home!! The cooker is OK, the shower turns off if I make sure the hot tap, which doesn't appear to work, is also switched off! A cold shower is no penance here!

Today I started to relax in what is a lovely peaceful place. I have got to know Godfrey the night watchman and Eunice the cleaner. She says she is very busy with the landlord's main house so she will probably be pleased if there is very little for her to do here. I quite enjoy a bit of sweeping and mopping!

Today I sat for a while in the conservatory / veranda.. It is probably 2 metres by 6 metres and has a tiled floor - as do all the rooms in this house. It has wire mosquito netting instead of windows but I found that when I use my binoculars it is as though I have nothing in front of me. Hence the space acts as a pleasant hide where I can spot the bird life.

Last night, as I chatted to the night watchman, what I assumed was a small owl flew past several times. I wondered whether it roosts in one of the trees in the garden. There are a number of tall trees – a large palm, a few tall Jacarandas and some Paw Paw trees. There are other trees that I can't identify. One of the tallest Jacarandas has what I assume is a variety of bourganvillia (though I am surprised that it has thorns) which has climbed to the top of the tree at least 20 metres high and its flowers can be seen displayed above it.

Friends are already finding my new abode. Diven, Obert and Raymond have visited and today Jennipher arrived with Selina nd Anna. Anna is a young girl who lost both parents and now her grandmother has also died. She has been able to attend school just outside Pemba town but has being staying with Jennipher during the holidays. Today was her first ever visit to Monze, the first time she had been inside a big house like this, certainly the first time she had spoken to people in England over Skype and, oh yes, the first time to have spring onion and tomato sandwiches!! Understandably I think she was a bit bewildered by all the new experiences!

I took the opportunity to sit in the garden and enjoy the fresh air and watch a few birds fly by. The pied crows take the place of the carrion crows we have in the UK and they have a similar call. A small bird of prey – probably a blach shouldered kite - flew over the garden and early this evening some swallows chased the insects as dusk approached. I suspect that the european swallows have left for the UK now – they probably have arrived there by now. The night sky is beautiful – a little away from the main road and therefore fewer lights. It is good to see the Southern Cross sitting high in the sky and the milky way is clearly visible. I might have another look later, trying not to disturb Godfrey.

I have certainly been blest this year finding such a lovely place.

With love and prayers


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