Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hunger in Zambia

5th April 2015 Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

It might surprise some people to realise just how much poverty there is in Zambia. I have just come across a report that puts Zambia in the World's top 10 hungriest countries – in fact if you look at their report Zambia is number 4 in the world, in terms of the percentage of under nourished people . In 2013 they estimated that 47.3% of the people of Zambia were under nourished. The World's 10 Hungriest Countries Last year the rains were not good and the changing weather pattern has continued to make the rain erratic this year. The rains effectively stopped in February – at least a month too early – yet last week the Palm Sunday procession had to be cancelled due to heavy rain. Rather than helping, this rain will have damaged the poor maize crop still in the fields. The crop is therefore again likely to be very poor and hunger even worse.

When talking to Jennipher a couple of weeks back she asked me for help for some of her clients. She told me “people are dying here”. It is hard for us to imagine such a situation. It is not the starvation some agencies like to show on television to shame us into giving, but it is a shortage of nutritious food which results in under nourishment and susceptibility to illness (especially if already HIV+). This is why too many of Jennipher's clients are dying.

It therefore shouldn't surprise us when we hear how important it is that PIZZ School provides a meal for their students.Supporting Orphaned Children at PIZZ School Zambia This year Mike Daly is running the London Marathon to raise funds for PIZZ School. All money raised will go to support the school. He wants to raise sufficient to fund meals at the school for at least 3 Months at a cost of £1,000 - £1,500 (possibly more Mike Daly's London Marathon I am fortunate to have seen students like Mawini grow up – she is now studying medicine at Lusaka university - Maxwell who did very well with his school certificate and GCE and with support will be able to become a science teacher. Others like Samson, and Mwanga – the lovely girl with the smile and frizzy hair who is featured on our Facebook page and some of our posters - I have the joy of knowing personally. I know just what a difference this school has made to some of the poorest children – all who know what it is like to be hungry.

because of the extra students recently taken on by the school). Personally I would like to secure meals for one year! We are also struggling to cover other costs – particularly teacher's wages. If you want to support PIZZ School I would be grateful for your help in spreading the word.

I am therefore wanting to advertise the marathon as widely as possible to ensure that it is a great success. I am sure that with your help the future of this wonderful school can be secured. At this time Mike has raised £811.20 plus Gift Aid – lets watch the total rise!!

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