Sunday, July 2, 2017

Building Steadily

Saturday 1st July

Jennipher has been a regular visitor this year. As mentioned earlier her current mission is to screen women for cervical cancer and where necessary have them treated. The main problem is not the screening or treatment, but the fact that many cannot find the money to go to Monze or Choma either for a smear test or for treatment. This evening she said she had borrowed money in order that two women could return to their homes. Jennipher is convinced that the only solution is to buy a vehicle to provide transport for these women. She might well be right, but finding a donor will not be an easy task.

I continue to spend a lot of time either with the team at PIZZ School or on the computer making sense of what I am discovering. I am also meeting with some of the children who are sponsored by people back in the UK.

Today I tried to meet with Charles, but couldn't manage to arrange it. I decided to go for a walk in the bush instead and give myself a chance to think. I have been referring to myself as retired for a number of years, but still feel guilty if I am
not busy most of the time – and keeping busy is not a problem. One of the major issues with projects with one or more key players, is what happens when they are no longer involved. Mrs. Sianga and myself have seen PIZZ School develop into the project it is today, but neither of us are getting younger and I think we would love to believe that, in the not too distant future, we will find a way to take a back seat, assured in the knowledge that the school will continue to prosper. This is perhaps our biggest challenge!

Bright rang me whilst on my walk and I agreed to meet him at PIZZ School at 14 hrs. Bright lives 15 minutes or so beyond PIZZ School – which as David knows, is a pleasant 40 minute stroll from the Curia!! I must admit that by giving myself enough time, I don't mind the extra exercise I am getting this year. I suppose today I must have covered at least 10 miles. I was pleased to see how Bright's house is developing. Last year the walls were at about head height – this year the walls are complete and two rooms have iron sheets covering them. Bright hopes to cover all other rooms this year apart from a large sitting room. His wife has started a vegetable garden and the cabbages are developing nicely. She has also been collecting cuttings and has a large range of plants to go around the house. She made us a meal of boiled eggs with some “soup” and nshima. Soup means a gravy usually with tomatoes, onions and other vegetables. I enjoyed the food.

Building around this area is extensive. What was once open fields is now housing almost as far as the eye can see. Most of the houses, like Bright's, are at varying stages of completion.

I called in to see Diven on the way back and he gave me some biscuits and a Yess drink (a fruity, milky concoction I rather enjoy). I think I have put back the calories that I burnt on my walks today!

Jennipher was at home when I returned – she had been talking to the security guard about cervical cancer and persuaded him to bring his wife for screening on Tuesday!!

I could have managed without an evening meal, but couldn't resist shaving of some more steak for a stir fry!


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