Sunday, July 9, 2017

Last Day in Monze

Sunday 9th July

Power this year has been good – until today!! My last day in Monze and there has been no power all day – until now 20 hrs. However, on the whole, this hasn't mattered. I had arranged to go out with Diven, Delia and Paul for lunch and fortunately there was power in town. The main problems have been that I haven't been able to use the computer – so the blog will be very brief! But more importantly I have been suffering from a lack of tea!! I am getting my caffeine fix now.

Being a long weekend and the last week it should have been all systems go to finish my work. However, Killian went to Lusaka to get the photocopier repaired, so there were no children to see on Wednesday afternoon and Mrs Sianga's cousin died and was being buried on Thursday, which was postponed to Friday! There was also a sports day on Friday, but I was very busy and forgot that all day means up to 13 hrs – so when I arrived at 14hrs everyone except the Head was gone!!

I know a lot has happened and I seem to have been very busy!! I am still meeting friends – some that I even remember!!

I have now said goodbye to my main friends. Fr. Clement has just dropped around a bottle of sunflower oil which I hope won't get me into trouble with customs!! Jennipher has left with the notebook where the letters “W”, “S” and “X don't work and also the number “2” - I spent ages trying to set up Skype on it last night and failed – it is also very slow. However photos can be displayed and magnified which should help Jennipher with her cervical cancer screening. Diven lost the razor I brought a couple of years back, so I have left him mine – I might look a bit ragged when I get home! I have passed on books to those who requested them including Hannah who called around with her mum yesterday and returned today because she forgot to bring me photos of her taken at her school. I left one John Grisham book with a marketeer from church who has a stall close to a lady in the market to whom it was promised.

The curtain rail collapsed early in my stay. Unfortunately it is not the appropriate rail for the curtains. As far as I can work out, in order to put the curtains on the rails they need to be dismantled. Anyway I bought a new rail, then realised my incompetence and failed to hang the curtains (yes, dismantling them wasn't such a problem!) – hopefully someone who nows what they are doing will sort it!! A door handle also fell off. Alright! Yes, I had to abandon fitting the replacement lock as well!!

             OUTSIDE THE CURIA

I had a final walk back along the railway lines today – in fact it is a single line. I had just chatted to some children sponsored at school through St. Gregory's church – three were completing their schooling this year. Somehow just chatting to the children lifted my spirits. As always it is interaction and relationship that plays the biggest part in the way we are and feel.

Obert will pick me up at 7.30 tomorrow and take me to Tooters Roadhouse or Golden Pillow – probably what you call it depends on your social status! The two establishments sit side by side – one is a bar and the other a hotel! There I will catch a bus to Lusaka. I will meet Persis – the manager from Kaliyangle- for lunch, hopefully. I will leave her with this laptop and another of my books. I will miss this laptop – the one I have at home is desperately slow and I didn't want to insult the people here by bringing it for them. I will probably get a replacement – a bit like this!

Well I am sure that there is a lot more to say, but time is running! So for now I will sign off.

With my love and prayers,


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