Monday, March 29, 2010

And Briefly

Monday 29th March

Today has been very much a day to concentrate on my work here and report my findings and suggestions back to HATW in the UK. We are currently experiencing a light shower, I hope it doesn't turn into anything more significant – no more rain is needed here, I am assured, until October.

It is very difficult to make any projects supporting the poorest self sustaining. Its a little bit like expecting the National Health Service or education in the UK to run without taxes – although there currently seems to be an attempt to pay for hospitals through parking charges for patients and their visitors. I am beginning to realise that most, if not all of this type of project will always need a regular input of funds from somewhere outside the project itself. Hands Around the World has introduced a sponsorship scheme for children and young people at some of their projects. This is hoped to meet at least some of the shortfall. (you can find more information on the HATW website )

This afternoon some of the trainees were busy clearing around the ponds ready for the introduction of the fish. It would be good to see them in use at last.

This is perhaps the briefest post yet!



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