Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Sounds of the Countryside

Thursday 25th March

I am feeling refreshed after my evening cold shower in the block hundred metres or so from my rooms. The sounds here are mainly of the countryside. Next door (literally) there are 300 chickens, the cicadas are providing a background of sound and owls also add their voice to the evening. In the distance there is a storm because on the horizon, many miles away the sky is lit with regular forks of lightening. Today there was a strong breeze that caused the wind pump to sing - competing with the rich variety of birdsong. The European Swallows are congregating on the power lines no doubt getting ready for their long trip back to their breeding grounds, chats, bubils and African Pied Wagtails are numerous and in the sky above hawks and eagles circle and hover. Lizards scamper about the grass and around the buildings.

The cows are away from the Centre at the moment making their acquaintance with one of Patrick's Bull's – we look forward to some calves in a few months and being able to supply some of the local demand for milk.

I have spent most of today tidying the database for the accounting system and adding a bit more data. This also makes me more familiar with the activities and costs associated with the project. I made a point of taking a few photos of the students and the chickens to record the progress since my last visit.

I awoke this morning to a thick mist - my first in Zambia! In recent mornings there has been a dew on the grass – reminding me of camping in the UK. It doesn't take long though for the sun to dry the ground – or to burn away the mist.

Well I need to sort out another book having finished The Rainmaker.

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