Thursday, March 11, 2010

Preparing for Zambia 2010

Although familiar, my preparations for Zambia are never quite the same and my visits are always very different. With less than a week to go I still haven't really come to terms with my next trip. I usually have nearly a year between visits - but this time it is barely 4 months since I was last in Africa and I expect to return again in November. This year I will split my time between Chisamba and Monze (my second home). As yet I haven't arranged accommodation or transport for next Thursday when I arrive - but I know that I will be able to sort something!

I expect a very different world to that I am used to. It is coming to the end of the rainy season - so I imagine a very lush green world where I would normally see an arid landscape. The sand will be grass and instead of dust I expect to find swamps!

I am looking forward to spending Easter in Monze with my friends from Our Lady of the Wayside church and my Small Christian Community - St. Veronica's. In 2005 we spent Easter in Myanmar and in 2000 we returned home from the Philippines on the evening of Good Friday, but this will be the first time since our marriage in 1972 that Dilys and I have been apart at Easter.

I am currently using a laptop to write this blog which I 'acquired' earlier today and like most of my acquisitions it will find a new home in Zambia!

Last night I removed anything I thought I could use from my laptop that died on my last visit. The next game is to see how much can be used to upgrade laptops out in Zambia - or those stillon their way out!!

Take care, with love and prayers


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