Friday, March 26, 2010

Power off/on Puff!

Friday 26th March

Unusually this year I am writing my blog during a power cut. Apparently 'load shedding' is still part of life in Zambia – it might be worse in Monze.

I have spent most of today in my 'Office' amending the accounts system, thinking of improvements and trying to get to grips with the finances.

I decided to stroll into town to buy a loaf and to allow my brain to work in the fresh air for a change – though during the day I leave my front door and both windows wide open. By the way what's the weather like back home? The town seems relatively dry now – the guys hiring out boots and carrying across the stream are out of business – there is no longer a stream! I called in at a shop I visited on Sunday and asked if anyone had got hold of some tea towels and, as promised, they were there waiting for me.

I haven't seen the news or read a paper for over a week now. It is amazing how I can cope without it here. Yet as soon as I get home I need to find out what is on the news and feel deprived if I miss it.

The power is back on. The solar lights that I brought with me however don't seem to have on/off switches, so I have placed the one that worked outside to avoid it's flickering light all night. In trying to find a suitable position I lost the spike that goes into the ground. I hunted with my torch but only found a handsome frog looking up at me as if to say – what are you doing!

Justine brought me a new kettle yesterday and I asked him to get me an adaptor today. I have just had the chance to try them both out. After a minute or so there was a sound like a 'puff' and some smoke coming out of my new adaptor – so its back to the pan for boiling my water!

Tomorrow we have a management committee meeting, so I need to do a bit more serious work before turning in!


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Andy said...

Enjoying reading the blog. Weather here is fine fairly mild at around 10 - 15 degrees. Take care and I'll keep checking the blog.